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April — May 2021, Second Qi of Lunar Year Xinchou, NOT really a good time to fully open up

With the relatively peaceful COVID period January 20 — March 20*, vaccination eligibility expanding, and April 1 was set by California lawmakers as a deadline to reopen schools for K-2 students, the other parts of the state and country is also determined to open up fully. Legoland set to begin reopening April 1 after yearlong closure, theme parks in preparation of reopening…

*Note that the time window of these two dates are not grabbed from any…

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自从去年年中起,当我在创业圈内在每日一堆新品中听到Clubhouse这个名字时,它还和TechCrunch和ProductHunt上每天发布的千千万万新产品新闻一样,完全不会令人觉得有什么特别之处。事实上也是如此,创业的人都明白,再好的产品都未必能存活,更别提能火了,一款爆品的出现需要多少天时地利人和啊!更何况是一款在语音的podcasts(播客)和各种产品早就成熟的5G时代、各种视频浪潮中只有纯语音的产品。然而,从去年年底圣诞节前《纽约时报》上的到今年开始的热度,尤其是Elon Musk 中文名 埃隆·马斯克 …

Ancient Theory, East & West Agrees

Today, September 22, 2020, marks the solar term called “Autumn Equinox”. Today is also the date that signals the beginning of the 5th Qi of the Lunar Year 2020 (a.k.a. “Year of Gengzi”, “Gengzi”). While many healthcare workers and the general public in the US have been exhausted from the prolonged pandemic, there is reason to prepare for more. Both Eastern and Western Medicine are reaching a similar conclusion that there will be another infectious disease in addition to COVID-19. …

We have been trying to help with the pandemic mostly through supplying PPEs, personalized home oral care (Denti-Pal), and traditional medicine (Herbal-Pal). I am writing to welcome usage, collaboration, and recommendations on the following three things:

Yes, it’s hot out there and no one wants to wear more. The mortality of COVID-19 is greater than the mortality from the heat. In fact, our coveralls are pretty cool, in terms of temperature (and style).

I. For quality PPEs, we currently supply:

Sterile Medical N95 Respirators*
FFP2/KN95 Respirators*
Medical Isolation Goggles*
Coverall Protective Suits*
Isolation Clothing with Integrative Hoodies*

Non-Medical 3-Ply Face Masks
Medical Face Shields
Various Grades and Sizes of Sanitizers…

Would you please let us know if you or anyone you know still need to purchase these quality supplies? Products marked with asterisk (*) are our own…

With many places starting to open their business back up, one might think that our situation in the pandemic is getting better. With social distancing, masks, and the proper protective precautions, we are on a better route than what was previously predicted. Without proper precautions however, reopening business can be disastrous in spreading COVID-19 and creating a second peak. Hence, it is important to continue using masks.

It is an easily definable issue when one is unable to get the PPEs to protect themselves. It is another more difficult to define issue when one buys PPEs that do not actually…

Comic source: FiveThirtyEight. “A Comic Strip Tour of the Wild World of Pandemic Modeling“. Image copyright belongs to the original author/publisher.

We were talking about why mining existing COVID-19 data does not work for a few months, then I came across two articles recently speaking about the same issue from an easier-to-understand angle:

Covid-10 Modeling: Impact of Missing Data and Ignoring Key Features

What 5 Coronavirus Models Say the Next Month Will Look Like

and found an earlier one through search: Why predicting COVID-19 is like forecasting with a broken weather model

In fact, the understanding of the epidemic in the United States and the Western world was initially regarded as clusters of pneumonia rather than a pandemic. No one regarded…

Image search from “Black swan events”. Copyright belongs to the original author/publisher.

[Generic disease forecast for lunar year 2020 can be found in my former blog, an outdated one for lunar year 2019 is on my older blog post too. The following focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic.]

If you have been ignoring this part for the years whenever I wrote about forecast without any modern data, read on now:

While nobody has ALL the answers, universal laws help us with some. The illness tied to the new coronavirus was originally called “novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP)”. As doctors over the world already discovered, this novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is not limited to influence respiratory…

Source: Mayo Clinic. Copyright belongs to the original author.

The essence of traditional medicine has always been to save lives. This has been true since thousands of years ago, but particularly true before the invention of pharmaceutical drugs, which had its origin in the 19th century, about 200 years till now. Many reasons have contributed to the fact that traditional medicine is now deemed as “alternative medicine”. Take China for example, the quotation about pandemics was from a book called “Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classics”. This book is generally dated by scholars to be between the late Warring States period (475–221 BC) and the Han dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE) with…

We hope you and your family are keeping safe and healthy. If you are not, do NOT worry — we have been helping many who have suffered! Not surprisingly, we have seen not only complete symptom resolution in some positive coronavirus patients and near resolution of symptoms in others, but also patients with health issues unrelated to COVID-19 but do not have regular access to healthcare as before.

PPEs Available for Independent Healthcare Workers and Civilians

From various levels of masks/respirators to goggles, from protective suits to isolation gowns, we have everything of top quality for you.

If you are still in need of PPEs, check out my blog posts:

Cloth Masks: Using a Band-Aid as a BulletProof Vest

Keep Your…

This guideline was published in January, yet they are still not known by many in the US these days. Source: China NBN Inspection. Copyright belongs to the original creator/author.

There is a new trend in town — sparked not by fashion, but by fear and legality: wearing masks. Less than a month ago, one in the US could be jeered and shamed for wearing a face mask in public. Now those words are muffled behind a mask. Whether you see someone with medical grade equipment masks or someone with a few rags dangling from their ears, you know that no one wants to be a victim. And with local governments and stores mandating facial coverings, most of us have to comply regardless. …

Lulu Yan

Healer (||, holistic medicine enthusiast since age 8, former data scientist 12+ years, Chinese Medicine consultant

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