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April — May 2021, Second Qi of Lunar Year Xinchou, NOT really a good time to fully open up

With the relatively peaceful COVID period January 20 — March 20*, vaccination eligibility expanding, and April 1 was set by California lawmakers as a deadline to…

#Clubhouse能否被复制 #中西文化之差异和共性之我见 #中美文化 #中西文化 #科技产品 #科技投资 #科技快讯


自从去年年中起,当我在创业圈内在每日一堆新品中听到Clubhouse这个名字时,它还和TechCrunch和ProductHunt上每天发布的千千万万新产品新闻一样, …

We have been trying to help with the pandemic mostly through supplying PPEs, personalized home oral care (Denti-Pal), and traditional medicine (Herbal-Pal). I am writing to welcome usage, collaboration, and recommendations on the following three things:

Yes, it’s hot out there and no one wants to wear more. The mortality of COVID-19 is greater than the mortality from the heat. In fact, our coveralls are pretty cool, in terms of temperature (and style).

I. For quality PPEs, we currently supply:

Sterile Medical N95 Respirators*
FFP2/KN95 Respirators*
Medical Isolation Goggles*

Comic source: FiveThirtyEight. “A Comic Strip Tour of the Wild World of Pandemic Modeling“. Image copyright belongs to the original author/publisher.

We were talking about why mining existing COVID-19 data does not work for a few months, then I came across two articles recently speaking about the same issue from an easier-to-understand angle:

Covid-10 Modeling: Impact of Missing Data and Ignoring Key Features

What 5 Coronavirus Models Say the Next Month…

Image search from “Black swan events”. Copyright belongs to the original author/publisher.

[Generic disease forecast for lunar year 2020 can be found in my former blog, an outdated one for lunar year 2019 is on my older blog post too. The following focuses on the COVID-19 pandemic.]

If you have been ignoring this part for the years whenever I wrote about forecast…

Lulu Yan

Healer (||, holistic medicine enthusiast since age 8, former data scientist 12+ years, Chinese Medicine consultant

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